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    Beyond Expectations
    Beyond Expectations
    Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    Aktaş Holding's global brand, Airtech, makes a difference with its extensive experience in rubber, high technology, skilled workforce and its commitment to its stakeholders, meeting every kind of demand and exceeding expectations.

    Airtech brand stands out with its quality priority in the value chain, which has been dependent on customer/stakeholder management since the first day.

    Aktaş Holding makes short-, medium- and long-term strategic plans in order to increase the sales force effect on global scale for Airtech brand and to become a brand that will create demand in target markets.

    In all of these plans, the company has been guiding the industry to work with the privilege of being a global actor, while adopting the fastest and most effective response to variable customer expectations as a fundamental principle.

    "Innovative" Airtech continues to assume important responsibilities in the development of the industry on a world scale.

    Aktas Holding reveals the difference with R&D and innovation studies in order to manufacture always the better in Airtech and its all other brands.