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    Airtech Air Springs Usage Areas and Technical Advantages
    Airtech Air Springs Usage Areas and Technical Advantages
    Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    Airtech air springs are used in heavy duty vehicles such as bus, truck and trailer.

    The bus air suspension springs were derived from the need for improving the driving comfort by absorbing librations, vibrations and sudden shocks in buses caused by structure of roads almost 50 years ago and the air suspension spring is used in almost all buses in Europe. We produce the air suspension springs to meet the requirements for more comfortable driving and more optimum loading on vehicles.

    The air suspension springs in buses both ensures high driving comfort for passengers and enables to keep the vehicle height at the same and desired level during the travel. In addition, the air suspension springs allows for tilting and lowering the bus to enable passengers to get on and get off easily. It is generally required to mount two air suspension springs on the front axle and four air suspension springs on the rear axle.


    It is seen that while the truck air spring was generally used in trucks and trailer with high tonnage (>16t.), the usage in the trailer group vehicles and trucks with medium tonnage (7.5 - 16t.) has increased presently. We produce the air suspension springs for use of them in varied parts of vehicles such as in front, rear and axle of trailers and in truck axles.

     Air springs covered with plate, namely complete air springs, are used in trucks, trailers. In this type of air spring, a plate sheet covered on the air spring connects the air spring with the chassis. However, connection with the piston is made via a bottom plate or an independent tensioning plate vulcanized on the spring for connection with the axle. These products are produced in a cylindrical or conic form.


    The air suspension springs of trailers /semi-trailers are preferred and used to prevent loaded cargo and ensure driving safety by preventing adverse effects to arise from structure of the road such as libration, tilting, jumping, roaming. In addition, the air suspension springs are proven to protect the vehicle and load better than the steel leaf spring systems.

    In general, while there are two air suspension springs in each axle, there is lifting spring in one axle in vehicles with multiple axles in order to prevent the tires when the vehicle is empty.


    There are several technical advantages of Airtech production system:

    •          All chemicals are supplied from trustworthy and high quality suppliers.
    •          All recipes developed by its own R&D
    •          All ingredients proportion for mixer process is measured automatically.
    •          In calendar process, production in +/- 0,05 mm tolerance.
    •          Cutting the fabric automatically with the same angle.
    •          Clothing done on conveyor line which enables to maintain the same tolerance level
    •          In vulcanization, all the process temperature, pressure and timing checked out


    With its state-of-the-art production systems, efficiency and customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, Aktaş Holding spends a significant portion of its revenue for R&D operations every year.